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"Affordable , Friendly , professional service. Money well spent. Thanks Andre for making our trip very comfortable.My Son and I were lucky to have Andre as our guide and driver in this trip. He was friendly, funny, patient, and very accommodating. He did not rush us at all . He drove us to the Pitons and after the climb he took us to a mineral water spa where we relaxed and after that he drove us back to our hotel. Even after the tour was over, he drove my son to the beach and then he came after me ( I had gone food shopping ) he picked me up from the store  waited for me at the hotel while I picked up my towels and then drove me up t the beach. Now that is what I call going beyond and above the duty.  The rate were very reasonable for the season; other placed we called they were charging more. The next day  we had to drive back to Airport to catch our flight. Our driver that we had hired before did not show up. So I called Andre's  office and they provided us with a driver right away. I also left some belongings behind that he is helping to send back to me.  I forgot he also helped me book another tour. The tour I wanted was full, but he called several places until he found a similar tour for me.  Again, I have never seen anyone to go out of their way to help people. I just think he is just a nice, friendly and happy guy. You'd be lucky if you get him or any of his friendly staff.  Book your trips with him, you won't be sorry" – Maj Nassi

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